Wednesday, November 25, 2020
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Volunteering at the Sisters' Residence

I mentioned that I could lead a sing-song really well, and that I knew pretty much every old song in the book ... I got the position! â€” Nancy Near

At the sisters’ residence, volunteers work with the staff to help sisters meet their social and recreational needs. Since 1994, an association of volunteers working under the supervision and support of staff, supplement and complement the care given to the sisters living in the Infirmary.
The Sisters of St. Joseph have as their mission answering God's call by reaching out to others to build community with those in need. The qualities of compassion, human dignity and social responsibility in caring for the whole person are lived out here in this residence. Volunteers assist staff in creating an environment that respects and affirms these values.
Orientation, in-services and ongoing support are provided. Whether working in recreation, in the beauty salon or accompanying sisters on appointments or other tasks, the volunteers enrich the lives of the sisters and without exception, are deeply enriched themselves.

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For a profile of one of our volunteers, see Nancy Near's profile.

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