Sunday, August 9, 2020
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Sally, a Fontbonne Volunteer

Sally, a  volunteer

Sally shares her story of volunteering with Fontbonne Ministries.

I've had many different jobs that always dealt with people. I was a Girl Guide leader, a tour guide, a counsellor. I've volunteered all my life.

Knitting and visiting

I worked at St. Ann's Food Bank, where I met Sisters of St. Joseph who brought food. I learned about Mustard Seed from a brochure. It was in my neighbourhood! I went in to donate clothes to the clothing bank. Then, one day, Sister Gwen Smith called me, saying the receptionist was sick. I offered to fill in and one thing led to another.

I'm there a couple times a week, answering phones at the front desk or being involved with the activities. There's a weekly knitting group at Mustard Seed, and I'm one of the teachers. As we knit, people come out with the stories of their lives. We share not just knitting, but life histories and experiences.

I have friends who are dress designers and I take leftover fabric to the Mustard Seed sewing room. You can walk in there and have never sewn a stitch and learn how to make a dress. There are so many machines and nobody is turned away.

I love Mustard Seed. The Sisters are so welcoming and interested and they accept everybody.

With In Good Company, I visit a woman who has been blind for three years. We have tea every week. She is very independent, but if she needs to go to the grocery store, I take her. I watch her examining the lettuce and bread and choosing what's fresh and I think she's incredible.

Working with the Sisters

The Sisters have a wealth of experience. I've learned a lot from them about how to treat people, and volunteering is very rewarding for me, spiritually, mentally and physically.

If you are interested in volunteering for any Fontbonne Ministries program, contact Leanne Kloppenborg at or 416-467-2640.

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