Monday, July 6, 2020
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Responding To Unmet Needs Of The Day

In the "Règlements" (rule of life) for the Sisters of St. Joseph established in France around 1650 we find this statement of purpose: "to lead others to union with God and with every kind of neighbour by undertaking all the spiritual and corporal works of mercy of which women are capable." There were no limits to what they could do.

Sister Delphine Fontbonne: Five Groundbreaking Years

On Feb. 7, 1856, Sister Delphine Fontbonne, founder of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Toronto, died in Toronto. In her last letter, written on Jan. 18 of the same year to Sister Felicity, she sounded besieged, alluding to the typhus epidemic that had claimed some Sisters and laid others low, of another Sister dying of tuberculosis, of being far too busy to write.

She had arrived with three other much younger Sisters of St. Joseph in 1851. Yet during that short time, she:

Father Médaille’s 400th Anniversary Celebrated in Art

Over three hundred and fifty years ago in France, a small group of women and a Jesuit missionary, Father Médaille, seeded the beginnings of the Sisters of St. Joseph.

A watercolour created by Ana Christina Lopez CSJ tells the story of Father Jean-Pierre Médaille and the founding of the Congregation of the Sisters of St. Joseph on the occasion of the 400th anniversary of his birth on Oct. 6.

Brother André: A Humble Healer

On Oct. 17, 2010, Brother André, a man devoted to St. Joseph, will be canonized.
In the 1880s, crowds of suffering people would gather outside Notre-Dame College in Côte-des-Neiges, Quebec. They were hoping a humble college doorman would cure them.

Toronto memories of Mother Teresa

With the recent centenary anniversary of Mother Theresa's birth in mind, we have reprinted Sr. Gwen Smith's recollection of some very special visits.

In the early 70s, Mother Teresa of Calcutta was a relative unknown. Father Tom McKillop, the founder of Youth Corps, sought leaders like Jean Vanier, John Howard Griffin and Mother Teresa, who could inspire youth to become active disciples of Jesus.

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