Friday, November 27, 2020
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Thanks to Migrant Workers

The harvest season is coming to its end. The Sisters of St. Joseph of Toronto and the Collaborative Network to End Exploitation would like to express our deepest gratitude to migrant workers who work tirelessly to bring food to our tables. 

Migrant workers come to Canada every year, leaving loved ones behind. They work very hard on farms and in agricultural businesses growing the produce that we consume. We pray for migrant workers’ health and well-being this Thanksgiving and acknowledge the myriad ways they enrich the fabric of our communities across the country. 
Please click here for two prayers for migrant workers, one from Sister Grace Sauvé, one from Sister Mary Mettler.
At the same time, we are pleading to the Government of Canada to consider status for all to eliminate the instances of harsh exploitation many migrant workers endure.
Please consider visiting and adding your name to a petition calling for a single-tier immigration system where everyone in Canada has the same rights.


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