Tuesday, September 22, 2020
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Sisters of St. Joseph of Toronto Honoured

Sisters Catherine Marie Macdonald, Anne Schenck and Sue Mosteller recently received special tributes.

We appreciate the celebration and recognition that has been shown to these three Sisters.

Remembering Sister Catherine Marie 

Sister Catherine Marie Macdonald, who passed away in the summer of 2019, was featured in the Toronto Star via an editorial by Vinay Menon on December 21, 2019, entitled She Was The Best Cheerleader a Child Could Ever Have. You can read the article on the Star's website.

Sister Anne Awarded the Sovereign's Medal

In recognition of her founding Furniture Bank, Sister Anne Schenck was awarded the Sovereign’s Medal for Volunteering.

Her entry can be found on the Governor General of Canada's website

Sister Sue Appointed to the Order of Canada

Sister Sue Mosteller was appointed to the Order of Canada which honours people who have made extraordinary contributions to the nation. She was interviewed for a Globe and Mail article on December 27, 2019 which can be read on the Globe website.


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