Wednesday, November 25, 2020
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Associates’ Assembly Day 2019

To Walk Humbly with God in Haiti was the theme of the Associates’ 2019 Assembly Day. The 35 Associates and five Sisters gathered together to explore the topic of the poor in Haiti and pray from the heart for understanding, solutions and supports for the Haitian people.

The day began with a warm welcome from the Holy Family Community. They oversaw the collection of $860 in donations from the Associates for the Haiti Fund and they welcomed our facilitators, Sister Rosemary Fry and Sister Ann Delaney.

Sister Ann gave a brief overview of the day. Time was given for participating, sharing, listening and reflecting. We meditated on an Archbishop Oscar Romero prayer A Step Along the Way. We reflected and sought to receive insight and grace and respond with our hearts. For our morning prayer, we received a booklet of prayers with The Summons as the gathering song.

Sister Rosemary presented a video that showed Haiti before the earthquake, then scenes of the devastation of the earthquake and the resilience of the Haitian people to reclaim life after. She expanded on the recent news of the political turmoil that continues in Haiti and spoke of how connecting to and serving the poor leads us to deepen our spiritual awareness.

Having lived among the Haitian people, Sister Rosemary shared that humility is gained by listening and by working among the people. She explained that while there is much anger towards injustice, anger can be a positive impetus to create change. Sister Rosemary also introduced the writings of Father Albert Nolan, OP, who wrote 4 Stages of Spiritual Growth in Helping the Poor.

We shared a nourishing lunch followed by Sister Ann’s presentation on her 2018 visit to Haiti through Mission Haiti, an ecumenical group.

Sisters Rosemary and Ann

Each evening, the group members would share about their day, led by the following questions:

What was the Thorn that pierced your heart; what was the Rose that delighted your heart and what was the Bud of hope?

Assembly Day concluded with the celebration of Sunday Liturgy with Father Peter McKenna in solidarity with the people of Haiti. Father Peter left us with the following questions to reflect upon:

What is it that you want to give thanks to God in your life; what shifted in you during this retreat and what is God requesting of you at this moment?

All in all, it was a fruitful day.

Theresa Franco, Galilee Community


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