Wednesday, October 28, 2020
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CSJ Associates’ Commitment Day

On Saturday, April 14, the CSJ Associates celebrated their yearly commitment at the Sisters’ residence. Despite the inclement weather, 32 Associates and six Sisters were present. We welcomed two guests: Sister Rosemary McGinn and Sister Trudy Zunti.

Carol Lombard led us in the morning prayer. After this was a video on The Eucharistic Letter of Father Jean-Pierre Médaille, SJ from which we learned about Father Médaille’s Little Design. Important points of his vision included:
  • Be Invisible: In the likeness of Jesus being invisible in the Eucharist.
  • Be Emptied: Having nothing to having everything in Jesus and Mary.
  • Love: The Eucharist is the Love of Loves, A Mystery of Union. 
Sister Virginia Varley added: “Father Médaille today will incorporate the care of the Universe in the Little Design.” 
Susannah Johnson, Rosanne Athaide and Mary Filice shared with us their first year of living as a CSJ Associate. They all expressed how they have been “living out their baptismal call in association with the Sisters’ mission in the church of unifying, reconciling, active and all-inclusive love expressed in prayer and service.” 
We rejoiced with Sister Virginia Varley and Sister Grace Sauvé who are celebrating their 70th Jubilee. Long-term Associates with 25 and more years were acknowledged for their commitment.
After a healthy lunch, the liturgy was presided by Father Con Mulvihill, SJ and the commitment ceremony by Sisters Thérèse Meunier and Nida Fe Chavez as well as Mary Huan and Barbara Baptista. It was very heartwarming to see so many Sisters join us. Father mentioned how the reading of the day, Acts 6: 1-7, was so appropriate: “As Associates, we are called to devote ourselves to prayer and to serving the Word.” 
Eighty-six Associates renewed their Commitment. Among them were Associates in Prayer who were not present but whose name cards were displayed in front of the altar. Violet Burns from the Holy Family Group made her first Commitment. 
We thanked Mary Huan and Barbara Baptista for their four years of leadership as Co-Directors of the Associates. Mary will be continuing in her role with a new Co-Director, Carol Lombard.
Thank you to the Galilee and St. Jude Communities for organizing the day. And thank you to the CSJ Sisters for their continued love and support!
Micheline Lim


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