Thursday, October 29, 2020
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Associates Assembly Day 2017

On March 4, 2017, 47 CSJ Associates and Sisters of St. Joseph gathered at 2 O’Connor for our annual Assembly Day. 

The theme was Cosmos and Christos - Exploring the Mystery of Our Living God in Ongoing Creation. After the Morning Prayer, Sister Theresa Rodgers introduced our guest speaker, Sister Mary Ellen Sheehan, IHM, STD.
Sister Mary Ellen earned her Bachelor’s degree in Sacred Theology at the Catholic University in Louvain, Belgium in 1970, her Licentiate in Sacred Theology in 1972 and her Doctorate in 1975. She is currently a Professor Emerita of Theology at St. Michael’s College at the University of Toronto. 
Sister Mary Ellen's morning presentation dealt with the “Science” story of our Creation. We watched a video entitled Cosmic Voyage, explaining the origins of our universe, the Big Bang Theory, and how billions of years passed before the appearance of humans on our planet. 
After lunch, Sister Mary Ellen then approached the story of Creation from the Biblical accounts, quoting the passage from Genesis 1 :1. Then from the New Testament, she quoted John 1:1 and followed with these thoughts: 
  • Jesus Christ, through his birth, his ministry, his healing, his death and resurrection, has united forever the Trinity and humanity in a Circle of Life and Love. 
  • Trinity is the Fountain Fullness of love spilled out into a billion forms of creation. 
  • AWE and AHH!! are the doorways into knowledge and Mystery. 
  • We are “of” the world, as opposed to “in” the world. 
These are only a few of the phrases Sister Mary Ellen left us to ponder. I am sure we left with a greater love and appreciation for our vast universe, our beautiful earth, more aware of the fact that we are united with the Trinity, and with all peoples and creatures on Earth in the Cosmic Dance.
Ellen Popkie, Associate


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