Wednesday, November 25, 2020
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Sisters of St. Joseph of Toronto Commends Province on its Human Trafficking Strategy

Press Release, July 5, 2016 — Faith Alliance to End Human Trafficking (Faith Alliance) is pleased to learn that the Province of Ontario will invest up to $72 million in a human trafficking strategy aimed at increasing awareness and coordination, reforming justice-sector initiatives and improving access to services. 
“Human trafficking is a complex issue that requires the collaboration of many levels of government and society,” says Sister Thérèse Meunier, Chair, Faith Alliance and Congregational Leader, Sisters of St. Joseph of Toronto. “We are confident that those with lived experience will be invited to share their stories and take a leadership role in the process. This is one way to better understand the underlying social factors that contribute to exploitation while making effective use of the Province’s strategy.”
“We are optimistic that along with this plan, the government will focus on the root causes of human trafficking which include climate change, poverty, conflict, marginalization -- all things that disconnect people from their communities,” says Ann McGowan, Director, The Mary Ward Centre and member of Faith Alliance. “We encourage the government to continue to include Indigenous people, migrant workers, women and children at the center of its strategy.”
Faith Alliance works with religious groups, students, social organizations, people who are trafficked and policy-makers to raise awareness. This includes:
  • Presenting GIFT Box in Sarnia, Ontario in June 2016 and in Toronto during the 2015 Pan Am/Para Pan Am Games. GIFT Box is a walk-in art installation illustrating exploitation at home and abroad.
  • Meeting with Premier Kathleen Wynne in January 2016 to deliver over 4,000 citizen-signed postcards and suggest action items for a human trafficking strategy.
  • Partnering with people with lived experience to deliver education and research.
  • Training frontline workers and volunteers.
Faith Alliance is a collaboration of religious and other partners working to end human trafficking by raising awareness and inspiring action. It is operated by the Sisters of St. Joseph of Toronto. Visit our web site:

For more information, contact:

Ann McGowan
Director, The Mary Ward Centre
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Lisa Tabachnick
Director of Communications,
Sisters of St. Joseph of Toronto
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