Thursday, November 26, 2020
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Greening Sacred Spaces - Sacred Connections Through Water

In mid-March, CSJ Associates held their annual “Assembly Day” — a workshop to increase awareness of current social issues and apply what is learned in daily life, into our families and into the different communities to which we belong.

The event was well-attended by Associates and Sisters. Christina Read de Grosbois from Greening Sacred Spaces presented a thought-provoking and informative outline on “Sacred Connections through Water.”

One important discussion focused on microbeads which are incorporated into many personal care products. These end up in our rivers and lakes when rinsed down the drains after using them. Microbeads are then ingested by our fish, birds and mammals and are extremely dangerous to them.

Attendees met in small groups several times throughout the day. One gathering had us guessing the amount of water consumption used for agricultural products such as potatoes, milk, chicken, beef, and for manufactured materials such as shirts, jeans, shoes etc. Another group focused on a true or false questionnaire about “water footprint” knowledge.  It was obvious that everyone must pay more attention to this precious resource God has provided. 

Before the afternoon was over, Christina gave everyone a project:  With a few simple materials, we put together homemade birdseed cones for winter-hardy birds. Christina pointed out that this is a great way to provide nutritional food for birds at this time of year and not to give them bread as it does not provide any nutrition — a fact which surprised many of us.

We left for home with a deeper connection to our Creator and our responsibility to help keep our planet healthy.

Ginny Dolighan
Holy Family Community



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