Thursday, October 29, 2020
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Fontbonne Ministries: Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon

On April 24, over 80 people attended Fontbonne Ministries' annual Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon. Volunteers, staff and Sisters of St. Joseph of Toronto assembled at the Famous People Players dining hall and theatre to enjoy socializing, an afternoon meal and a variety of musical performances from puppets and their puppeteers.

Sister Pat Boucher, Assistant Congregational Leader, thanked everyone for their contributions. "I think it's wonderful that we can gather with all of you who generously give over 20,000 hours a year to Fontbonne Ministries. We are deeply grateful for the many ways you reach out to reflect the love of God and neighbour."
Throughout the meal, volunteers from different ministries expressed their gratitude to the Sisters and Fontbonne Ministries.
Margo, Mustard Seed: "I always think of volunteering as good people and good fun and there are plenty of both here today."
Michelle, Studio on the Hill: "This lunch is really a celebration of volunteering, and seeing all these individuals involved in the different ministries makes me feel like I'm part of something important."
Michael, Faith Connections: "I know about 10 to 20 people through Faith Connections, but today, I'm seeing so many from other parts of Fontbonne. It's heartwarming to see all of them and know that they contribute their time and energy to helping others."
Irene, Village Mosaic: "The Sisters are very inclusive and caring and I love how they're using this event to applaud and cheer us on."
Karen, In Good Company: "It's good to feel appreciated for what we're doing and to feel like part of a community."
After the musical performances, Sister Helen Kluke, Ministry Director and Teacher at Studio on the Hill, announced that guests would receive a special gift: a clay candleholder, each one painted and sculpted differently with combinations of stars, hearts and circles. 
"The star speaks of the light and brightness that you bring," Sister Helen said to the volunteers. "The heart speaks of the love that you give. The circles speak of the unity between us all. Each candleholder is unique, just as each person is unique. And each volunteer receives one because we're grateful to them all."
Please visit Fontbonne Ministries at their website.


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