Friday, October 30, 2020
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Lenten Prayer: Walking with Jesus

For the fourth Sunday of Lent, Sister Andrea Dumont shares a prayer about the path of Jesus and our own during the Season of Lent.

Lord Jesus, I want to walk these 40 days with you. How can I make my walk real?  
I unite my Ash Wednesday fast to your fast for 40 days in the desert, and I will try to fast during these 40 days by curbing appetites of mind, heart and unhealthy attachments.  
I will link reflections on your passion to my own life experiences so that the merits of your passion can be channeled to others, especially to those who have no one to pray for them.  
I unite my frustrations to yours when you knew that so many people turned away and would not listen to your words of life and salvation. I unite my tiredness and feelings of being drained to those times when you must have experienced the same. 
When I experience ingratitude, I remember the nine who did not return to give thanks. My headaches, I unite to the pain of the crown of thorns and other aches and pains to the lashes you received with the aftermath of continued suffering. When death brings the pain of separation, I remember how you cried at the death of Lazarus. 
The hurt that I feel when my closest friends are not there for me must be like yours when Judas betrayed you and Peter denied you. Though my sufferings pale in the light of yours, they serve to lift my mind and heart to you in prayer.  
Since you and I form one mystical body, your sufferings are made present every day here on earth. 
As the Constitution of the Church tells us, "The Holy Spirit offers to all the possibility of being united with this Pascal Mystery in a way known only to God.”
Sister Andrea Dumont


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