Monday, October 26, 2020
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Easter Reflection: A Portal into Love

This week, I was surprised to see that the tulip shoots are already greening in my garden. As I stood in awe of the mystery of new life unfolding before me, I contemplated the gift of wonder that I believe is at the heart of Easter. 

In an instant, wonder can draw us beyond our limitations. Our spirits soar. Our hearts open to a deep compassion for the world around us. For a brief moment, we experience our oneness with all creation. 
Jesus continually calls us in faith to expand our vision, to become the truth of who we really are. In his Earthly ministry, he continually stretched the beliefs and the attitudes of the apostles with his Gospel message of inclusive love. In his moment of forgiveness on the cross, his love deepened our human capacity for relationships of caring towards each other and our Earth. 
In his resurrection, he calls us once again to rise beyond our limitations and claim our divine identity. We are Christ Bearers of love and reconciliation in our broken world.  
Imagine the wonder of the women and the disciples in their encounters with Jesus. Everything changed as they went forth as ambassadors of the Gospel. We too must be so attracted by love that conflicts with all others fall away.
When next we gaze on spring flowers bursting forth just as Jesus rose after death, let us stand in wonder at the Paschal mystery of our faith. In the life, death and resurrection of Jesus, we live in hope and in the heart of God’s unconditional love. This is the new life within. Alleluia! 
Sister Janet Speth
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