Wednesday, November 25, 2020
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Village Mosaic: A Creative Community

From the Fall 2015 issue of Springs of Hope:
For three years, Andrea Linton has been the Program and Administration Coordinator at Village Mosaic, a gathering place for seniors on Lake Shore West. “It’s a varied and wonderful role,” says Andrea, “in a joyful and creative environment.” 
She remembers the first Halloween party she helped plan at Village Mosaic. “I looked outside and seniors were getting off the streetcar in their costumes.” There were cat outfits, matador suits and more. “The costumes were so individual and spoke to how much the participants put into Village Mosaic.” 
She was amazed to see that dressing up extended beyond Halloween. People came in red for Valentine’s Day and green for St. Patrick’s Day, some in colour-themed clothes and some in elaborate costumes. At the International Day party, seniors represented their cultures by wearing Scottish kilts, Indian saris and the colours of their flags. 
“It shows how engaged they are,” says Andrea, “and it inspires me.”
In planning events, Andrea and Sister Conrad Lauber, Ministry Director, consider how to create opportunities to dress for the occasion. They prepare accessories like hats and scarves to offer seniors simple ways to participate. They also wear costumes ranging from themed sweaters to cowboy ensembles. “I love joining in the fun,” says Andrea.
“Dressing up at Village Mosaic,” says Sister Conrad, “is part of the feeling of the community here. Each costume adds laughter and colour, and Andrea’s ideas encourage people to dress up and step into a world of creativity.”
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