Monday, October 19, 2020
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Studio on the Hill: The Joy of Children

From the Fall 2015 issue of Springs of Hope:
On Wednesday and Friday evenings, the laughter of children fills Studio on the Hill. Pottery classes for students aged 4 to 12 begin with a demonstration from Sister Helen Kluke, Ministry Director and Teacher. Students observe as she shows them how to make miniature hats, shields, neckties or something else from clay. After this, students work on their own pieces and Sister Helen goes from child to child, offering advice and assistance. 
“Clay is a flexible medium,” says Sister Helen, “and I try to show them that.” This flexibility is reflected in her classes. Students can follow her demonstration or develop their own ideas. 
Children of different ages and skills work independently in the same space. “My classes aren’t about making one specific object,” she says. “They’re about how each person is a unique representation of God’s love and how each person can individually express that love through clay.” With this approach, children receive instruction specific to them and attend as schedules permit. Class fees are flexible for families in need. 
“The clay is a source of peace and joy for the children,” says Sister Helen, “with the freedom to make what they want in the way that they want.” She loves seeing the different ways children engage with clay. Some chat with friends and compare pieces while others are quietly focused on sculpting and painting. “They bring such spontaneity and joy to clay,” says Sister Helen, “and seeing that is a wonderful gift.”
For information on classes for children and adults, call Sister Helen at 416-752-2665.
Ibrahim Ng



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