Friday, September 18, 2020
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Fontbonne Place: An Unexpected Community

From the Fall 2015 issue of Springs of Hope:
Two years ago, Margo stood outside one of the 18 rent-geared-to-income apartments at Fontbonne Place. She expected her new home to consist of a single room. But Margot was astonished to find her apartment held a bedroom, living room and kitchen. 
“I thought the layout was so clever,” says Margo, describing how each of these three areas has two entrances. “You can go in one direction from the hallway to the kitchen to the living room to the bedroom and then back out to the hallway. I felt so unrestricted and free.” This gave her a sense of comfort, and she has experienced the same comfort with the Fontbonne Place community. 
Margo speaks glowingly of her neighbours, from the friends she can always approach for assistance to the residents who have filled the community garden with flowers and vegetables for all. “They’re a great support.” 
She has a special appreciation for Sister Gwen Smith, who lives at Fontbonne Place. “She always takes time to talk to you and only you, and she’s very thoughtful and warm-hearted,” says Margo. 
A highlight for Margo is the weekly Mustard Seed Community Kitchen dinner that she attends with a few of her neighbours. 
“It makes me feel like I’m at a family dinner,” says Margo. “When I moved in here, I was only expecting a room. I wasn’t expecting to feel like part of a family with people who have become very close to my heart.”
Ibrahim Ng



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