Saturday, September 19, 2020
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For Persons Who Are Trafficked...

Previous Parapan Am Games Prayers

August 14: We pray for children exploited through child pornography.

August 13: We pray to do what we can to end human trafficking.

August 12: We pray for parents of children who will be sold today.

August 11: We pray for the conversion of heart of men and women engaged in human trafficking.

August 10: We pray for the strength and resilience of trafficked persons.

August 9: We pray for children trafficked to the cotton industry.

August 8: We pray for the men who teach their sons to be respectful of women.

August 7: We pray for those enslaved in agricultural fields.

Previous Pan Am Games Prayers

July 25: We pray for young boys and men who are sexually exploited and afraid to tell.
July 24: We pray for the men who protect abused, exploited women.
July 23: We pray for abducted children forced to become child soldiers.
July 22: We pray for young men who respect women and girls.
July 21: We pray for women and men who exploit vulnerable people.
July 20: We pray for the teenage runaways who are sexually exploited.
July 19: We pray for young girls enslaved in sex trafficking at truck stops.
July 18: We pray for the parents of missing children.
July 17: We pray for exploited men in the construction industry.
July 16: We pray for the mother who has no idea where her daughter is.
July 15: We pray for conversion of heart for those who traffic others for personal gain.
July 14: We pray for survivors trying to begin a new life.
July 13: We pray for women and children who will be sold today.
July 12: We pray for young girls forced into domestic servitude.
July 11: We pray for young boys and men who are exploited in the garment industry.
July 10: We pray for the young woman who has just been sold today.
To learn more about human trafficking, visit Also visit GIFT Box, a walk-in public art project that will unwrap the truth about human trafficking. The GIFT Box is located at St. James Cathedral at 65 Church Street, on the north-east corner of King and Church in downtown Toronto.


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