Wednesday, November 25, 2020
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CSJ Associates Renew Commitments and Welcome New Members

On April 18, 2015, the Sisters of St. Joseph of Toronto gathered at St. Joseph's Residence, 2 O'Connor Drive, with their Associates for the annual day of retreat and the Commitment Ceremony. The lay Associates live their faith by embracing the charism of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Toronto to reach out in love to the dear neighbour.

Mary Huan, an Associates Leadership Co-ordinator, invited Patrick Ayoung-Chee and Judy Farrage to lead the group assembled in morning prayer.
Sister Mary Catherine Doyle, CSJ presented the reflection, Finding Joy, Hope and Contentment. We were led on a faith journey beginning with our baptism. Time and again, Sister Mary Catherine’s recurring theme was that we must sit back and evaluate where we are in our faith journey. She emphasized the importance of pushing the ‘pause button’ in our busy lives, taking stock of our personal faith journeys, and finding hope, joy and contentment. 
The handout, Passing on the Light, took us on a journey of our faith as lived by the People of God beginning with the earliest disciples, Mary and Peter, and winding down through the ages to us. The last line, “Who will carry the light, if we do not?” was a powerful message to all of us. The second handout, The Horizons of the Year of Consecrated Life, by Pope Francis, emphasized that the laity share the same ideals, spirit and mission as those of consecrated persons.
In the afternoon in the chapel, Sister Thérèse Meunier, CSJ, Congregational Leader, assisted by Barbara Baptista and Mary Huan, CSJ Associate Leadership Co-ordinators, led the candidates through the First Commitment process and presented them with their pins as a symbol of their commitment. The six candidates, namely: Alice Wong-Rettig, Elisa Gomez Suarez, Suzanne Vieira, Anna Hiris, Lynne Yap and Liza Tornea-Rombough, were warmly welcomed by the Congregation.  The Associates renewed their commitment for another year and the Sisters accepted and expressed their support for the Associates.
At the liturgy, Father Robert Foliot, SJ, in his homily, spoke of the many charitable works and ministries carried out by the Sisters of St Joseph and invited the Associates to carry on the charism. 
Who will carry the light, if we do not?
The afternoon ended with a joyful reception, enriched by a variety of delicious foods that we should not, but we did, consume with great relish. 
Please click here for a slideshow of photos and quotes from the day.
Kokila Fernandes 
Associate in the St. Jude Associate Community


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