Monday, October 19, 2020
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A Day in the Life of Sr. Helen Kluke

Responding to the call reveals the mystery of God’s loving embrace. Leaving High School teaching and Food Services management behind, Fontbonne Ministries’ Studio on the Hill pottery studio has opened and enriched the path along which I am being led in ministry. Every day is different. Additional groups add exciting challenges. 
Today, twenty-five 3 to 6- year-old children from Vert Casa Montessori arrived to make a Christmas sled and plate for family gifts. It is awe-inspiring to witness how these little minds work.
Clean up follows and then checking and cleaning each of the projects to ensure there will be a perfect gift. Now it’s noon and the kilns need to be emptied and refilled for firing. 
How quickly the time passes, and there is still more cleaning before the senior group arrives at 1 p.m. Here there is much laughter and sharing. They are in awe of how the glazes work: even if two people use the same colours, the results are different. This group is a slower pace than the morning children, but both are welcome. One student arrives with more leaves to be imprinted in clay and another with treasures created at home. 
I fall behind. Four o’clock approaches too soon. The shortest three hours of the week have just flown by. Now, these folks are well-trained: cleanup is complete. The kilns require more attention. The phone also keeps ringing meaning many trips up and down stairs. More cleaning precedes the evening class. Michael and Michele are preparing for a show. And then every evening about 10 p.m., the pet bunnies and turtle in the studio await their evening meal. 
Life at the studio reveals daily miracles and God’s enduring presence.
Helen Kluke CSJ


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