Friday, September 18, 2020
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Sisters Knit for Children Worldwide

From July to mid-November, 10 Sisters gathered every week at 2 O'Connor Drive. Together, they helped the Canadian Food for Children charity in efforts to battle child pneumonia around the world. The Sisters' contribution was to knit. Their knitting circle produced wool caps and vests. These handmade clothes will go to children in developing countries with low night-time temperatures in which keeping warm is essential to maintain health.
Sister Mary Buckley, one of the 10 Sisters in the knitting circle, was grateful for the opportunity. "I've always been willing to knit for people who need it," she says, "but I didn't have a delivery system until this charity came along." 
The Sisters' knitting circle made over 40 pairs of wool caps and vests, all donated to Canadian Food for Children. During a November Mass, the caps and vests were blessed by Father Bert Foliot SJ (pictured above at right). Since then, the clothes have been packed into containers of food, toys, soap and other supplies. Canadian Food for Children donates about 300 such containers every year to missionaries in over 14 developing countries.
The Knitting Circle (l-r): Sisters Mary Buckley, Mary Michael Codarini and
Kathleen Conway (standing), Dr. Andrew Simone, Sister Margaret Marie O'Boyle (seated), Joan Simone, Sister Jenny Nasello CND, Sisters June Dwyer, 
Bernadette Robinson, Jane MacDonald (seated) and Rita Smith. 
Absent: Sisters Margaret Ann Hazelton and Margie McGurk.
Canadian Food for Children is a charity founded by Dr. Andrew Simone and his wife, Joan Simone. Both are former students who had Sisters of St. Joseph for high school teachers and started their charity in 1985. "I think knitting these clothes by hand," says Dr. Simone, "is an act of love from the Sisters. The people who receive them know that they're cared for, that they haven't been forgotten. That's something the Sisters taught me."
"It was important to me and all the Sisters in the knitting circle that we made these clothes ourselves," says Sister Bernadette Robinson, another member of the group. "What we make with our hands comes from our hearts, and that connects us to the people we want to help."
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