Tuesday, October 20, 2020
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Four New Associates

On May 10, 2014, four Associate candidates made their first commitment during the Associates Commitment Day at 2 O'Connor Drive. The new Associates shared their thoughts below:

Judy Farrage, St. Jude Associate Community
"I learned about the Associates through Sister Catherine Marie Macdonald when I was in a prayer group with her. I'd been looking forward to making this first commitment since the first meeting. Becoming an Associate has taught me to accept myself and others and to try to see all through the eyes of love."

Nora Mopas, Holy Family Associate Community
"When I moved from Toronto to Oshawa, I met an Associate, Anne Pietrow. In the Associates, I found my safe refuge and haven. We can share our joys and struggles with each other. The support we share made me want to make a commitment to the Associates and our journey through life together."

Natasha Pierre, Matt Talbot Associate Community
"I found the Associates while doing research on the Internet. I was looking to be associated with a female order that was connected to the Jesuits and from France. I found such an order in the Sisters of St. Joseph of Toronto. I feel blessed to have been called to be an Associate amongst such a group of superstar mentors and selfless friends."

Debbie Read, Holy Family Associate Community
"I first learned about the Associates through my best friend, Debbie Scott. I felt a strong urge to deepen my faith and become closer to God. I was excited to make a commitment that I will live out each day to deepen my faith and love for God with my fellow Associates."


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