Thursday, October 29, 2020
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Celebrating Fontbonne Ministries Volunteers

On May 4, 2014, over 80 people attended the Fontbonne Ministries Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon at St. Paul's Basilica Parish Hall. In a beautiful parish hall decorated with colourful balloons and flowers, Fontbonne Ministries volunteers gathered with staff and Sisters. Together, they enjoyed a meal and celebrated the volunteers' contributions to different Fontbonne Ministries programs.
During the event, Sister Thérèse Meunier voiced her gratitude to Fontbonne volunteers. "You are the ones who have responded to the emerging needs through your volunteering and your gifts of caring, compassion and reverence for all," she said. "You have transformed lives." 
One volunteer, Drew, was pleased to see so many volunteers from different ministries. "I mostly see people from Mustard Seed," he said, "so it's great to see everyone here from all the other programs and feel like I'm a part of something bigger."
After lunch, Sister-Directors and Program-Directors from the ministries expressed their appreciation for the volunteers. They described the roles that volunteers performed in each ministry and how they had made a difference to others in their time with Faith Connections, Village Mosaic, Studio on the Hill, Mustard Seed and In Good Company. Volunteers from each ministry were asked to stand and be recognized. A slideshow presented photographs from the last 13 years, showing volunteers in different ministries. Each volunteer received a handsome notebook as a gift and then coffee and dessert were served.
Another volunteer, Darren, was grateful for his experiences with Fontbonne Ministries. "Volunteering has made me more confident in everything," said Darren, "and it was important for me to be here and celebrate this community that's given me a lot."
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