Sunday, October 25, 2020
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Fontbonne Ministries: A New Online Presence

Fontbonne Ministries began producing our regular  newsletter, Springs of Hope, in 2005. We wanted to use Springs of Hope to share stories from our ministries with you, our friends and supporters. Since that time, we have developed a new logo and a new set of brochures, added two ministries and have started to use social media in order to communicate news and events. 
We decided that it was time to update our web presence to include some features that would help us bring our ministries to life. We are very pleased to invite you to visit our updated website at the same address as before. Find us at:
We have added a Donation page with information about the various ways that you can support Fontbonne Ministries, including through the website.
Rob Huston, Fontbonne Ministries’ in-house media designer, used his expertise, passion for our ministries and knowledge of our history and goals to design our website. His task was to create an online home for our ministries that would make it easy and convenient to learn about our programs and services, with all the information available in one central location.  
On our website, you will find an overview of all of our ministries, news and updates, program details and schedules, contact information, some great pictures, links to us on Facebook and Twitter and more. Most importantly, you’ll be able to learn about the many ways in which you can support and get involved in Fontbonne Ministries. Your time, talent and treasure are much appreciated.
Vickie McNally 


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