Tuesday, September 22, 2020
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Vocation Awareness: Finding Your Path in Life

On Friday November 22, 2013, Sisters Anne Schenck, Divinia Pedro, and Rosemary Fry, along with other members of TAVDA (Toronto Area Vocation Director's Association) took part in a Vocation Awareness Day at John Cabot High School in Mississauga. The school chaplain, Carolyn Esvelt, coordinated the day which included vocation displays in the school cafeteria and talks for various classes in the school chapel. 
Each presenter spoke from a different perspective about "finding your path in life." They strove to help the Grade 12 students realize their uniqueness.  They encouraged students to listen to the dream within them, to consider all options, even if there are difficulties along the way, and to choose what would bring them and those around them the greatest joy despite the difficulties. All the presentations included sound values, guidance in decision making and elements of each presenter’s own story as an example of finding real joy in life.
By Sister Rosemary Fry


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