Friday, October 30, 2020
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Village Mosaic Crafters Create a Mosaic

Since the opening of Village Mosaic in early 2009, Sister Conrad Lauber had hoped for an actual mosaic for this Fontbonne Ministries centre. Her idea was to use stained glass. 
One day Andrea, our Program Coordinator, found an old frame from a door mirror and thought it would make a good frame for Sister Conrad’s mosaic. She also envisioned it within the community room — just above the kitchen pass-through. Little did she know that she would be sending that frame to be recycled and purchasing a 6-foot by 17-inch piece of plywood to be hung in the front entrance. 
Each year Village Mosaic has hosted a ‘High Tea’ for its members around Easter time. At this event we used china that had belonged to some of the Sisters of Saint Joseph. There were some cups and some saucers that were without their match. One of our regular members suggested breaking the unmatched china to make our mosaic — to which Andrea replied “You tell Sister Conrad we’re planning on breaking the china — I’m certainly not going to tell her!!" But Sister Conrad thought it was a wonderful idea and the planning of our mosaic began. 
Irene, our part-time staff member, found fabulous blue tile that came in 12" x 12” sheets. Our members soaked and scrubbed the sheets of tile to remove them from their backing and turn them into 1” x 1” squares. These would become the border and lettering. In order to make the letters, some of our 1” x 1” tiles needed to be broken down. This involved some very tedious work — as well as quite a bit of hand strength. The letters were penciled in and then the blue tile pieces were attached to the plywood with tile grout. Many hours were dedicated to this task and many wonderful conversations arose as we all sat together working on our ‘big project’.
One of our regular members takes a daily walk down at the lake and had started bringing in the most fabulous and colourful pieces of glass, ceramic and concrete that had washed up onto the shore. It was decided that these would be added to the mosaic — making it a true representation of this ministry. 
Each Tuesday for about four weeks, members would come in, choose their materials, smash their cup or saucer and get to work on one area of the piece. There was no plan for the background but look how beautifully if flows together!
The 'crafters' at the Village Mosaic have created a mosaic, 6 feet long by 17 inches high, to hang in our front foyer. It took several weeks with about 15 crafters, our regular members, helping out, designing section by section. It was a community project, people working together to create a thing of beauty to reflect the center that they love.

By Andrea Linton

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