Thursday, November 26, 2020
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NPH says goodbye to a good friend: Sister Lorraine Malo

At this moment in which today vanishes forever close my eyes and I will meet again your wonders as you light up my night with a new brightness.
May the darkness which wraps me round, soothe my feeble faith, and be balm for my heart and soul carrying me to the new dawn... if there is another dawn for me.
And when, finally, there be for me no other earthly day, bless me with Your love, and Your peace. They are all I have ever needed, They are enough for me.

With sadness, I share the news that our dear friend, Sister Lorraine, lived out this simple prayer to its end, this morning. Lorraine bore with faith and courage a two year battle with cancer, which brought her more suffering than she could possibly have deserved.
I was lucky enough to visit Lorraine, with other NPH Haiti colleagues, three days ago in Toronto, to speak memories and prayers, to share quiet moments alone with her, and to offer holy Mass together in her room.
Sister Lorraine worked with us for many years in Haiti, returning to Canada two years ago as age, fatigue and illness started to slow down her pace, but not her zeal.
Lorraine was vibrant and courageous. She was fun-loving and considerate. She was prayerful and dedicated. Lorraine remembered and celebrated birthdays of children and staff, loved to sing and tell jokes, to play cards, and to work hard.
Lorraine was a trooper, who joined us on many adventures in Port-au-Prince in our mobile clinics, would come on dangerous rescues to areas flooded from hurricanes, was welcoming and hospitable to our many guests.
Mostly Lorraine worked with the children of our St. Damien Pediatric Hospital, and later the children with disabilities of our St. Germaine programs.
Her "work" was really befriending children, to teach them, to console them, to make them play and laugh and sing. Her great courage was manifested literally a thousand times, as she accompanied with her friendship and prayers, an endless number of children over the years whose lives were ended by devastating illness and suffering. I lived through many of those situations with Lorraine and still shudder at the memory. I especially remember 10-year-old Markenson, who died of a terrible cancer, and yet was our teacher and guide as to how to face such a death with joy and faith.
Lorraine died every time a child at St. Damien died. She also rose again, and soared in the heavens, whenever a child improved, showing even the slightest sign of more life and less suffering.
I picture these children as leading the enormous spirit of welcome that Lorraine now knows, from her privileged place in glory, on the other side of prayer. This chorus of welcome resounds with the love of the vast legions of those Lorraine has known and loved over her many years as a Sister of St. Joseph.
Our deepest gratitude to Lorraine's family, and to the Sisters of St. Joseph, for sharing Lorraine with us so generously for these many years.The people of Haiti, our own teams now morning her loss, and myself, are so blessed to have been part of her life.
Fr. Richard Frechette, CP  
National Director of NPH Haiti


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