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Celebrating 17 Years at Studio on the Hill

On May 26, 2013, over 90 people visited Studio on the Hill. With Sister Helen Kluke, Ministry Director and teacher, the guests celebrated 17 years of her pottery classes at 967 O'Connor Drive as well as her 50 years as a Sister of St. Joseph. "It was important for me to invite my students and their families," said Sister Helen, "because it was a way to celebrate ministry to people as well the community around us."
Sister Helen's guests gathered to enjoy refreshments and to share their joy and fond memories of Studio on the Hill. Children were encouraged to sit down at a table of art supplies and create. 
As the party continued, many guests spoke warmly of pottery classes with Sister Helen:
"I have been a student here for six years. Sister Helen is the most loving and patient person I've ever met."
— Maura
"I've known Helen since she opened the Studio. She's always been so giving and it's a pleasure to come in here." — Yvonne
"I have beautiful memories of Sister Helen. Sister Helen is always friendly and welcoming to anybody who comes in."  — Fiorella
"I have been coming to the Studio for 15 years. Sister Helen has been incredibly supportive of my endeavours in the Studio and outside as well." — Michele
During the party, Sister Helen's sister, Theresa, an artist herself, revealed a special gift for Sister Helen. The gift was a colourful piece of stained glass artwork. 

Theresa (left) and Sister Helen (right) hold up Theresa's stained glass artwork.

Theresa's gift to Sister Helen.

"My sister is frequently inspired by flowers," said Theresa, "and she also likes fairies, so I made sure to include both. I gave the fairy a purple dress and blonde hair because my sister loves the colour purple and the blonde hair will remind her of me."

Sister Helen was delighted and saw other aspects in this gift. "Looking at the stained glass my sister made gives me a sense of what my life is about. It represents the feminine, the creative and the spiritual and it brings together all the important elements of my life."

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Article and photos by Ibrahim Ng


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