Wednesday, November 25, 2020
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Associate Commitment Day: Examining how God accompanies, guides and sustains us throughout our lives

On Saturday, April 20, the CSJ Associates had their retreat day in the meeting room at 2’OConnor Drive for the first time. Inviting them to look at their spiritual journey from the point of view of the past, present and future, Sister Rosemary Fry led them through a process of prayer, reflection (see the picture at right) and discussion that drew them towards a deeper realization of the way in which the loving mystery which we call God accompanies, guides and sustains them throughout their life. 
For the past, she introduced them to the sacredness of remembering and showed them several ways of going back over their past life to increase their awareness of how God’s loving kindness had been with them in various circumstances. 

For the present time, she led them through a prayer experience based on the Ignatian Examen inviting them to review their day to increase their awareness of God’s grace always operative in their lives. 
In regard to the future, trust was emphasized based on the realizations of the other two exercises. The future is an unknown but we are free to decide day by day the attitudes we will have as we move into it. The day was deeply blessed by the generous thoughtful sharing of the participants after each of the short presentations. The day ended with the celebration of the Eucharist, the reception of three new Associates, see below, and a delicious lunch. 
Article by Rosemary Fry CSJ
Pictures by Mary Huan


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