Sunday, October 25, 2020
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Sisters Contribute Hospital Beds for Pakistan

On the morning of March 14, 2013, a dozen GlobalMedic volunteers, members of GlobalMedic’s Rapid Response Team, gathered at Morrow Park, 3377 Bayview Avenue. They were there to collect a gift of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Toronto: 40 hospital beds, metal tables and desks and medical supplies like wheelchairs, lifts, mattresses and walkers. 

GlobalMedic’s Emergency Programs Officer, Steve Kepka, pictured right, declared himself very pleased with receiving beds in such good condition.

These beds and medical supplies will be delivered to a hospital in rural Pakistan.  All of these contributions were wheeled into elevators and packed into a 40 foot container. The beds and other supplies will equip the hospital and help ensure that people of that district receive proper medical care. 

GlobalMedic is a non-profit organization that provides emergency relief to those affected by natural disasters and complex emergencies in the developing world. 
The September 2012 flash flooding in Pakistan affected almost five million people and almost 350,000 people fled to 507 relief camps. Roads and bridges have been damaged and over 1 million acres of crops have been wiped out. Many of the hardest hit areas were struggling to recover from the 2010 and 2011 flooding. 
The beds and supplies are being donated by the Sisters of St. Joseph of Toronto. The Sisters living at Morrow Park moved to a new residence at 2 O’Connor Drive on March 12. They were happy that their hospital beds could help those in need in Pakistan.
The volunteers were kept busy the whole morning at Morrow Park, bringing the beds and other supplies down to the loading dock, filling the container to the brim. 
By Gisela Côté 


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