Monday, October 19, 2020
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Energy Efficient Sisters Model Ecological Living for the 21st Century

In 1997, a group of 10 Sisters used Workshop in a Box - Ecological Living for the 21st Century. Three of them, Sisters Janet Fraser, Peggy Bach and Mary Fatta, all pictured at left, decided to use what they had learned to live in an ecologically friendly house. One of their objectives was to conserve energy.

They conducted an energy audit in their house. As a result, they decided to use Bullfrog power, a system which produces green, clean energy feeding it to the grid on behalf of its customers.

Their efforts have been recognized. Recently they received a Recognition of Leadership certificate from Bullfrog which states the following:

You have played an active role in advancing clean energy in Canada. To date, the following amount of green energy has been injected into the Canadian energy systems on your behalf: 18,738 kWh of green electricity.

The total emissions footprint reductions since September 2006 includes:

  • Greenhouse Gases (Carbon Dioxide Equivalent) -  3.5 tons
  • Nitric Oxide - 4.2 kg
  • Sulphur Dioxide - 10.2 kg


Gisela Côté

Photo supplied by Janet Fraser CSJ


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