Monday, October 19, 2020
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Art on the Park

Between April 25 and 28, 2012, Sisters Virginia Varley and Betty Lou Knox and Loral Dean exhibited their latest works at Regis College, today a Jesuit graduate faculty of theology at the University of Toronto. Paintings were beautifully displayed in this historic building previously owned by the family of William Christie, of cookie fame. In 1926, the Sisters of St. Joseph acquired the property and it became St. Joseph's College.

Sister Virginia is pictured above, with four paintings in a series called The Attraction to Light. She provided information about abstract art for visitors, describing it as "art which has no recognizable relationship with visible reality. It uses elements such as shape, colour and line to create its own reality. It is also denoted as non-representative, non-figurative art or art without performance."

Responding the questions about how she paints, she explained, "As I do an abstract painting, I often begin by making broad strokes of colour on the paper and canvas. I then work with those broad strokes applying layers of colour patches or design. I use the circle frequently as the beginning of a painting and simply develop further lines and shapes around or within the circle. My imagination and intuition are stimulated as I proceed."

Sister Betty Lou, pictured above, explained how important nature was to her, "Mountain valley and meadow, mist and the power of the ocean have inspired my paintings…the watercolour flowers are a reminder of the beauty I experienced in California and Spain.
"The symbol of the bridge has great significance for me…my painting represents one of the numerous bridges and gateways we crossed in a Japanese Garden in Florida… Our guide explained the importance of making an intention before crossing the bridge, suggesting to us to:

Reflect on your journey
Give thanks
Ask forgiveness
Can I let go?
Am I ready?
Take a step into the future

By Gisela Côté


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