Tuesday, October 20, 2020
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Sr. Georgette Honoured for her Work

Sr. Georgette Honoured for her Work

"I was very surprised," said Georgette Gregory CSJ (pictured here on the left side of the stage) on winning the Fred Victor’s Women with Purpose-Mary Sheffield Award. She received it for her leadership in addressing poverty and homelessness in Toronto over her lifetime. "It really felt good to be recognized by the community partners I work and volunteer alongside. The evening was exhilarating and fun."

"What an honour it was to be part of the audience at Glen Gould Studio on March 8th to support, congratulate, celebrate and witness the Fred Victor Recognition Award presented to Sr. Georgette," said Jacqueline de Verteuil CSJ. "As Sr. Georgette stepped onto the stage there was thunderous applause from the crowd, many of whom she had served at Fred Victor. Her thank you speech was one of gratitude and respect for the service she is able to provide to the homeless and how much she learns from them. We Sisters present were so proud of Sr. Georgette and grateful ourselves to share in her honour.”

Michelle Quintal had nominated Sr. Georgette for this award: "I worked with Sisters Georgette and Gwen for two years, about four years ago. As Mustard Seed's Drop-in and Kitchen Coordinator, I saw how these two women contributed greatly to their local community as Sisters of St. Joseph.

"In my nomination I spoke about Sister Georgette's unbelievable achievements that could have only been obtained through dedication and outstanding compassion... She is an obvious testament to what hard work, tender care, and love can accomplish. Toronto is very fortunate to have both Sister Georgette and Sister Gwen working diligently to create space, warmth and essential services for people who otherwise may not have a place to go for a sense of community."

Leanne Kloppenborg, Fontbonne Ministries’ administrator, said, "We who work with Sr. Georgette in her role as Director of In Good Company in Fontbonne Ministries, experience her passionate commitment to justice and compassion for those we work with, especially the marginalized in society. It was wonderful that Sr. Georgette was recognized for this commitment by the Fred Victor Mission."

"Sr. Georgette radiated joy at sharing the stage with a woman who had come through the services of Fred Victor Women's Shelter and a young woman who volunteered,” said Gwen Smith CSJ. “Her love of those to whom she ministered and for whom she advocated was plain to see."

Photo courtesy of Fred Victor


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