Friday, September 18, 2020
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Sr. Sue Mosteller honoured by Tyndale

The Board of Governors and the faculty of Tyndale University College & Seminary are pleased to present at this time Sr. Sue Mosteller for the degree Doctor of Divinity (honoris causa) — Dr. Gary V. Nelson

On Nov. 5, 2011, during the Fall Graduation Luncheon in honour of Sr. Sue Mosteller, the honourary doctorate recipient, Dr. Gary V. Nelson, President and Vice Chancellor, Tyndale University College and Seminary, introduced Sr. Sue to those assembled. Here are some of his words about Sr. Sue:

"Jean Vanier asked Sister Marie [Paradis] to help organize an international pilgrimage to Lourdes in France for people with disabilities, their families, and other young people... after shared prayer, she [Sr. Sue] heard herself committing to help Sister Marie.

"When Sister Sue returned, she asked to live and do ministry in the Daybreak community. This was a highly unusual request in 1972 but her Superior affirmed her ‘call’ and she became part of L’Arche. "It was an adjustment, yes, but totally compatible with our mission as the Sisters of St Joseph and it was a gift for me to live there. My early experience living in community with the Sisters taught me much that I could later contribute to the building up of this new lay community of friends. So I also brought a gift to L’Arche." ...

"During her 40 years with L’Arche, Sr. Sue has lived with men and women with disabilities and served as Community Leader and International Coordinator of L’Arche. During this time, she published two books in English:  My Brother, My Sister and Body Broken, Body Blessed as well as a book in French: A Condition D'Aimer: Joies et Difficultes de Vivre Avec les Notres.

"In her most recent book, Light Through the Crack, she tells her own story and the stories of the people she has known throughout her life...

"When Henri Nouwen died in 1996, he entrusted Sue Mosteller with his estate, making her the literary executrix of his works. She serves on the board of the Henri Nouwen Society and continues to be an active member of the L'Arche Community. Additionally, Mosteller lectures around the world and currently lives in Toronto, Canada."

Sr. Sue Mosteller’s thoughts on receiving this degree:

"Having enjoyed such a warm relationship with many of the people of Tyndale University College and Seminary over the past fifteen years, it was still a surprise to receive their invitation to accept an Honorary Degree of Divinity at their recent graduation ceremonies. My experience with Tyndale has been a source of inspiration for me. I love and respect them because they are brothers and sisters who work hard to be faithful to their mission to teach and prepare Christian Leaders for the future.

"I'm always moved when we dialogue, or when groups of students and professors visit L'Arche Daybreak, or when I'm invited to teach students, mainly because of the dynamic spirit of community and service radiating from the people.

"I was so graciously welcomed by the faculty and staff on the day of the graduation. They honoured me first with an amazing luncheon, followed by the conferring upon me of an Honorary Doctorate of Divinity. I feel blessed by them, and proud to be more closely linked with my many companions on this wonderful and mysterious journey of life. I'm deeply grateful to God for the gift of these amazing friends."

Photos courtesy of Elaine Guidinger CSJ and Tyndale University College and Seminary


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