Tuesday, October 20, 2020
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How Does the Earth?

The Sisters of St. Joseph of Toronto have a Shared Ministerial Commitment: "We seek to nurture community with our neighbour, especially with the homeless, the alienated, the economically poor, women at risk and our wounded earth." The following song expresses their call to everyone: "Come let us help this precious planet live!"

How does the Earth? Is it alive and thriving?
How does the Earth? Is it alive and well?
How clear the waters? How pure the rain?
How green the forest? How tall the grain?
How does the Earth?

Where are the birds that sang in the trees so tall?
Why are the woodlands now no longer growing?
Where are the ears to hear the forests fall?
Where are the tears that birds no longer sing?
Refrain: How does the Earth…

When will the desert sand no longer spread?
Where will we plant the land and make it fertile?
When will we hear no more of species dead?
When will we care enough to care for all?
When will the sea be free from human harm?
Safe for the whales that sail deep in the ocean,
Who will arise and sound the loud alarm?
Now is the time and ours is the voice to cry.

Come, let us work to bring the earth rebirth
Come, let us share and care for what is given.
Who can declare how much the earth is worth?
Come let us help this precious planet live!

Words and music: Mary Alban Bouchard CSJ
Copyright Sisters of St. Joseph of Toronto, 1991
Used by permission


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