Friday, September 18, 2020
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A River of Gratitude

The following is Sister Betty Lou Knox's reflection upon returning from the 50th Anniversary of Veritas School, in Terrace, British Columbia.

An invitation
to come and celebrate
fifty years of Veritas School
brought back memories, since
fifty years ago I was called
to St. Andrew's, in Vancouver, my gateway to the west!
In my early days
my heart was burning with
enthusiasm in this new adventure.
I followed closely two other beginnings, Terrace,
in September, 1959
and New Hazelton, in November of the same year.

Today my heart bursts with
tears of joy and pride
Fifty years since "Bulldozer Bishop" O'Grady
planted the seed of Catholic Education
in those two towns.
Inspired by Vatican Two,
his vision of building schools,
supported by religious communities
and recruitment of Frontier Apostles is yielding its harvest.
His dream of inviting young people from around the world, some of whom might remain as parishioners in the North, has been fulfilled!

Gratitude takes hold of me
remembering the missionary spirit of Sr. Maura
the sacrifices, laughter and stories of Sisters with whom
I shared life and grew.
The people, strong, steady, simple
call this land, home.

Gratitude and awe
seize me as I am surrounded by mountains
where the Skeena and Buckley Rivers, converge,
twisting towards Prince Rupert where they empty into the sea.

A river runs through me
as I fix my eyes on mountain tops,
amazed by their peaks, source of rivers carving a path to the ocean.
A mountain stream flows gently
winds its way, meets other streams, forming a river
gathering silt, changing landscapes.
Finally it reaches its destination
and surrenders itself to the arms of Mother Nature,
united with mountain streams in the oceans of the planet.

I too, am in this Cosmic flow!
With gratitude, joy and hope
I know that I am carried
as surely as all in Terrace and New Hazelton have been
over these past fifty years.

Reflection by Sister Betty Lou Knox
Returning from Terrace, B.C.'s 50th Anniversary
May 21 - 23, 2010


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