Wednesday, November 25, 2020
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Sister Virginia's Latest Art Exhibit

"I sold 12 pieces — many of the smaller pieces I created went — and many cards," said a pleased Sister Virginia Varley of her latest art exhibit which took place between April 15 - 18, 2010, at 44 Jakes Avenue.

Sister Virginia has taken courses for many years at the Toronto School of Art, where her instructor has recently encouraged her to create a full body of work, that is 20 or more works, using line and pattern. "Some line and pattern work has always been there in my previous paintings," she noted, "but now it will be my focus." She is pictured, right, with her niece, Melissa Hays, in front of a new painting titled Invitation.

"I wanted to start with a large circle," she said of the painting, "the lines then form a pattern to draw you in to the source of the rays: the invitation."

The same influence is visible in the other four paintings behind her in the photo below. For the most part, she first covers the canvases with an under paint, this year often blue and orange. Over this, using special metallic pens of gold and silver, she adds the lines and patterns.

Asked about her process with these paintings, she told of sometimes seeing patterns in the under paint and following them, and sometimes starting with a fresh pattern and then creating other patterns that mesh with it.

The spiritual component of her work is part of her process. "When I start painting," she said, "I ask for growth and intimacy with divine mystery."

By Gisela Côté


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