Thursday, October 29, 2020
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2010 Associates' Assembly Day at Morrow Park

On Saturday, March 6, 2010, some 65 Sisters and CSJ Associates gathered at Morrow Park where Father Terry Gallagher SFM, pictured at right, aided by a panel of his friends, opened to them the world of interfaith worship and spirituality.

The morning talk recalled that Jesus, meeting with persons of other faiths, such as the Romans, the Samaritan woman and the Centurion, treated each with openness and respect. Hence we are to honour all the names of God; we are all God's children, all one family. Like second graders, we sang, "I've got the love of Jesus… Buddha…Shiva… in my heart."

In the afternoon we were joined by seven of Father Terry's friends and associates in interfaith work. These included Kay, a Hindu from Trinidad; John, once a pastor but now working in Interfaith dialogue for the Anglican diocese; Mark, a young man who is part of the World Spirit Youth Council and Leslie, a Holocaust survivor now working in Interfaith Spirituality. Each spoke briefly, and then led one of seven groups formed by the others present. As each one spoke, our minds were stretched, our hearts were opened and the question, "Who is my neighbour?" took on a whole new meaning.We felt that we had the whole world sitting with us in Mary Lounge.

We left relaxed, happy and determined to seek what is common among us, what gathers rather than what divides. Each went home with a ‘Golden Rule' poster which illustrates the golden rule as defined by twelve different religions, our aim to find and foster the universal truths and values held by all of these groups, no matter which name is used for the One God.

By Mary Buckley CSJ
Photos by Cheri Noordman


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