Thursday, October 29, 2020
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Associate Population Explosion in Oshawa

After many years of steady but slow growth, Holy Family Associate Group in Oshawa has had a sudden gain of four new candidates. They are pictured above from left to right: Anne Doyle, Rose Marie Metcalfe, Marion Dalby and Ginny Dolighan. Last spring Rose Marie Metcalfe arrived on the scene. September brought Ginny Dolighan and Anne Doyle; Marion Dalby joined us in October. And with them came the question: "What brought this about?"

Rose Marie and Anne knew someone who was a CSJ Associate — Cheri Noordman in one case, Debbie Scott in the other. Ginny first heard about us through her sister-in-law in Lindsay. Rose Marie said she "had been looking for something" and thought that what Debbie mentioned might be it. Ginny and Anne had attended the birthday lunches celebrated by and for their friends who were associates and decided to join the spiritual part of the group, too.

Rose Marie expected a prayer group, but found "a friendly group...who made me feel comfortable" and who were able to speak openly about God and faith. Anne and Ginny expected to find a deeper spirituality, "a sharing of ideas and experiences through our individual faith journeys." And that, is seems, is exactly what they found.

Although it is much too soon to make a decision concerning first commitment, all are happy with the group and plan to continue. Rose Marie is happy to connect with "women on the same page," Anne hopes to strengthen her spiritual life while Ginny looks for "a better understanding of myself and my relationship with God." Asked what they will bring to the group, they look to positive support and service to the group and its members. As Rose Marie says, "By talking about how God has worked in my life I may help someone else with her struggles."

We are happy to have these women in our group and hope that they will find the associates a positive part of their lives.

Written by Mary Buckley CSJ
Photo by Cheri Noordman


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