Tuesday, September 22, 2020
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Day of Reflection for Lay Ministers

On Feb. 24, 2009, the Toronto Archdiocese’s Office of Lay Ministry, Chaplaincy and Parish Social Ministry held a Day of Reflection. The main speaker was Dillon J. Woods. Other speakers were invited to make short presentation through videos. Sister Jacqueline de Verteuil (pictured above, far right) was among those asked to speak about the Diploma in Ministry Program offered by St. Francis Xavier University and to bring along a display featuring her ministry. She was pleased to do both.

In her brief presentation, Sister Jacqueline spoke about her role as program advisor, the motivation and the different reasons why students take the diploma course, the diversity and age groups of registrants and the prerequisites of the course.

As local consultant/program advisor to students registered in the Diploma in Ministry Program, Sister Jacqueline acts as liaison between students and local parishes. This component has continuously enhanced the learning experience of the students. Sister Jacqueline is also advisor to students in the Toronto area who take the program in a distance education format, offering both individual and group support.

During the talk, Evelyn Kelly and Sheila Jenkins, pictured above, stood as ‘Living Witnesses’ when they were introduced as recent graduates of the program. The occasion also served as a venue for graduates to exchange ideas and experiences with other dynamic group members. Two other graduates who attended the presentation were Christine Way-Skinner, Pastoral Assistant and Bill Targett, himself Director of the Lay Ministry.

Other highlights included a video showing and a small group sharing and discussion. Taking time out from his busy schedule, Archbishop Thomas Collins briefly met and greeted the lay ministers. An animated Eucharistic Liturgy concluded the occasion.

A photo display and exhibit gave Sister Jacqueline an opportunity to pass on information about the Diploma in Ministry Program and allow those interested to learn more.

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