Wednesday, November 25, 2020
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The Sacred Heart Centres Work

Rosemary Fry CSJ provides an update on her ministry in Haiti.

The goal of Sacred Heart Center in Cap Haitien is a healthier, more stable family unit, able to function independently within the Haitien society. It is a goal achieved in different small steps over many years and more than one generation.

When Fransli and Franslin (pictured at right) were brought to Sacred Heart Center by their Mom, Marie, at the age of 18 months, they had 3rd degree malnutrition. Fransli weighed 5.2 kg and his brother slightly more. After attending the center’s nutrition program for six months, both boys were over 8 kg.

In the meantime their mom, Marie, had started a small business with funds from a program called “Trickle Up,” selling cold soft drinks near her house and had begun to save money to send the two older girls, Francoise and Joanne, to school. These two were the first on either side of their two family lines to receive any formal education.

Their dad, Francois, provided only occasional support.  Both parents suffered from serious health conditions. Marie responded well to the support she was given and continued to work at her small business and help pay for her children's schooling.

During a period of heavy rain Marie complained that the roof of their house leaked and that they were no longer able to live in it. It was discovered that theirs was the worst house on the Center's ‘to be fixed’ list and deserved priority.

Francois brought proof of land ownership and paid for all the rocks for the foundation. The family carried all the water and building materials to the site. Now a snug two-room house is well on the way courtesy of funding from a foundation.


The house before renovations and after renovations.

Marie was able to improve her business with a loan from the Sacred Heart Center.

The goal of a healthier, more stable family unit able to function independently in Haitien society has been partially met by all the Center’s efforts with the family. It may be reached only by the next generation. 

There is still a need to accompany this family, and many others, as they move forward step by tiny step.

By Rosemary Fry CSJ


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