Thursday, November 26, 2020
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Sharing the Good News

Paintings, newspaper clippings, pottery, photos, artwork, websites, including a viewing of the new Faith Connections website, all were gathered and on display on June 16. The occasion: a celebration entitled “How do we share the Good News of our time?” Held in the communication office and the archives at Morrow Park, the event drew almost 90 guests, who were warmly welcomed by Sisters and associates. A display celebrating the 25th Anniversary of the Associates included articles on and pictures of the many associate groups.

Organized by the Communication Committee, the event celebrated the five-year anniversary of the communication office and all the many ways Sisters make the Good News happen and share the Good News with others.

Sisters who displayed their artwork included Sisters Dorothy Grills, Virginia Varley, Grace Sauvé, Betty Lou Knox, Mary Michael Codarini and Marie MacNamara. Sisters who had albums of photographs on display included Sisters Betty Lou Knox, Mary Doreen Smith and Elaine Guidinger. Sr. Helen Kluke displayed her pottery. Sisters whose books and/or articles were on display included Sisters Ellen Leonard, Sue Mosteller, Mechtilde O’Mara and Mary Alban Bouchard.

Guests were asked for feedback and comments were very positive e.g. “Thanks for the memories”  “ So nice to see Good News in Action,”  “Educational” and “A great team you all are.”


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