Thursday, September 24, 2020
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Sr. Virginia Varley’s Latest Art Exhibit

“I don’t begin with an intent,” was how Sr. Virginia Varley explained her painting process during her latest art exhibit in Toronto on April 21. “I draw a circle. Next, as in other prayer, I ask for growth in intimacy with Divine Mystery. Then I start — I never consciously think spiritual thoughts. As I don’t finish a piece in one sitting, I have time to reflect and come back to it. I place it on the floor and pass it many times a day. Eventually, the painting tells me what it will be called.”

Of her latest work, she explained, “I didn’t set out to do a series, but that is what happened this time. I started drawing circles because I have become intrigued with crop circles, admiring their designs. I used fluid acrylic with the artist’s felt pen. I covered the entire sheet (22"x 30") with transparent red oxide and added gold dots. When I finished five paintings, they spoke to me of ‘community’ so that is the name I have given the series. In community, everyone has a piece of the wisdom: there is diversity but always a way of connecting. The diversity enhances the unity.” “In Community Freedom, there is a spontaneity of movement that speaks to me of the freedom we have in being part of a community,” she said. On experiencing this form of prayer, Sr. Virginia says, “I never know right away whether I have received what I have asked for. It’s when I reflect back on my day that I realize that my day has been different, the way I have met the events of the day has been different, hence the gift that I have been given from my prayer… ”


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