Tuesday, October 20, 2020
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Nature And Art As Meditation

During the month of February 2007, Betty Lou Knox CSJ is displaying her artwork at The Faculty Club of the University of Toronto at 41 Willcocks Street. (One of her paintings, Openings, is shown to the right.) Here is how she sees her art…

The beauty of the Ottawa Valley and the wonder of British Columbia’s mountains, where I lived for many years, inspired me with an appreciation of God's work of art. Becoming aware of nature led me to the realization of our interconnectedness with all of creation.

Participating in a program of Creation Centered Spirituality in 1984, I was introduced to the mystics and art as meditation. I became aware that I too was an artist! And this called forth a deepening of silence, trust, letting go of fear and openness to "seeing."

Art as meditation  reminds me that art as process, not productivity, is the spiritual experience that creativity is all about.

Photography, clay and painting have deepened my awareness of beauty, struggle, joy, waiting, letting go and transformation in daily living. In my art, I hope to convey  beauty, contemplation and an awareness of injustices in today' s world.

By Betty Lou Knox CSJ


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