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Art and Sr. Virginia

Sr. Virginia Varley has been painting for over 20 years. Her recent art show and sale on May 11 - 15, 2005, was entitled Mystery Encountered. Note cards of most of her works are available. What follows are several paintings and Sr. Virginia's words:

Stirring of the Waters
As an artist, I paint my way in and out of mystery. Being involved in the art form is a spiritual experience for me. My hope is that observers are drawn into the mystery of a particular piece and that they become engaged in dialogue with Mystery...




Energy at the Centre
I am a Sister of St. Joseph of Toronto. My ministry consists in offering spiritual direction, group facilitation and in expressing spirituality through art.







I love colour and believe that the dynamic of colour resides in each of us awaiting expression in art forms, religious experience, homemaking, labour, peace-making, respect for the earth and leadership.







Playing of the Sea
Most of my work is abstract. I use a variety of media and allow the media to speak in randomness. In the randomness mystery presents itself.







Reaching Out to Mystery
Often, I don't see an image until the work is finished. This painting took shape through the use of acrylic paint and collage. It was only on its completion that I noticed a figure reaching out toward the "sun" shape, hence its title.










It is in abstracting line and shape of the land that I see the life that rests beneath the surface awaiting the right conditions for growth, then bursting forth in colour, delighting in its gift.




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