Friday, October 30, 2020
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Celebrating 95 Years of Teaching and Residency

The Dons of St. Joseph’s College, soon to be alumnae of St. Michael’s College, take a moment in the sun in the Rose Garden of the Christie Mansion, with the Dean of the College, Sister Anne Marie Marrin, and the Administrator, Sister Conrad Lauber, CSJ. The Dons, respectively from left to right, Annamaria Enenajor, Candice Manfredi, Diana Marsilio, Jacqueline Hogan, Laura Evans, Julia Lauwers, are preparing to make this year, 2005-2006, another stellar academic year — the last year as a college residence. In their Mission Statement, the Dons declare:

As Dons of St. Joseph’s College, it is our mission to contribute our gifts and talents to the creation of a safe, welcoming, and mutually respectful community. We will provide leadership and guidance to all residents, acting as a support system as we all grow academically, socially and spiritually throughout the academic year. We are committed to fostering a positive and inclusive atmosphere in which students create a support system for each other and a home away from home. As Dons, it is our mission to help in every way we can to ensure that every student has a positive academic year.

Our walls are lined with a photo gallery of our history up to our most recent activities. Over 400 people celebrated a reunion in June. We will celebrate in-house, all the annual events with greater enthusiasm than ever, create a few new events, and revive a few old customs.

As we recall our history and count our many blessings, we ask God again to bless us, and St. Joseph to continue his protection. With a full house of vibrant women, we start a year, “one more time — with feeling.”

By Conrad Lauber CSJ
Photo by Vanessa Lee


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