Saturday, September 19, 2020
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A Celebration of the Sisters of St. Joseph at the College Residence

The St. Michael's alumni called it "A Celebration of the Sisters of St. Joseph" and the mood was definitely one of celebration. In her invitation to alumni and the Sisters, Director of Alumni Affairs at the University of St. Michael's College, Kathleen Ancker, invited all to "come prepared to smile, to reminisce, to laugh and to enjoy thoroughly your afternoon with students and residents who haunted your footsteps in the past!" Since the residence will see its final year next year, the alumni saw this as a chance to remember their days at St. Joseph's College.

June 4th saw the halls of Fontbonne and Christie Mansion transformed into a picture gallery that transported former students and teachers back into the past. Sr. Mechtilde O'Mara presented "A History of the Sisters of St. Joseph" in the chapel.

Over 400 visitors came, the enthusiastic response itself a tribute to the Sisters. The pictures below tell the story...

Kathleen Ancker, Director of Alumni Affairs, welcomes everyone during the opening ceremonies in the Common Room of Christie Mansion.

Dr. Richard Alway, President of the University of St. Michael's College in the University of Toronto, reaffirmed his continuing support of the Sisters of St. Joseph and their evolving ministries.

Father Harry Gardner, Superior of the Basilian Fathers at St. Michael's University, joined in congratulating the Sisters for what they have accomplished.

Sr. Margaret Myatt, General Superior of the Sisters of St. Joseph, with Kathleen Ancker looking on, thanked the alumni for holding this event and for celebrating the Sisters in this way.

Former resident and Don, Melinda Delorme, a recent graduate with an M.A. in Opera, poses with Sister Anne Marie Marrin, Dean of the College, in front of the historical picture display. Melinda sang an arrangement of Ubi Caritas, to thank the Sisters and to honour their charism in song.

Sr. Mechtilde O'Mara walked the audience through her PowerPoint presentation "The History of the Sisters of St. Joseph" in St. Joseph's College Chapel, Fontbonne.

Sr. Mechtilde's audience enjoyed her presentation.

In Christie's Common Room, St. Joseph's College Administrator, Sr. Conrad Lauber, and CSJ archivist Linda Wicks rejoice in the completion of the historical photo display.


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