Thursday, November 26, 2020
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Christmas comes to Haitian Children

In her letter from Haiti, Sr. Lorraine Malo describes a special party...

On Christmas morning, Canadian UN Peacekeepers came to host a wonderful party for the sick children in Hospital St. Damien, Port au Prince, Haiti. Captain Laurie Bourque from New Brunswick and five other peacekeepers had a wrapped gift and a small bag of candy for each child. They also brought some games and toys, including a board hockey game that the older children quickly learned.

Captain Laurie dressed up as Santa. When he arrived, a great cheer went up. At his approach, the babies screamed, the toddlers were uncertain and the older kids were beside themselves with excitement. We had a great morning: it was so heartwarming to see these children doing what children all over the world do on Christmas morning: play with the toys Santa left!

After all the gifts had been distributed, the children waved good-bye to Santa and he went to the classroom to change. Ten minutes later he came down in his police uniform and all the children flocked to him to show him what Santa had left!


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