Tuesday, September 22, 2020
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Celebrating 150 Years of Excellence in Education

Sr. Mary Buckley shares her experience at the St. Joseph's College reunion on Sept. 24 - 26, 2004.

"Celebrating 150 Years of Excellence in Education" — so read the banner and celebrate we did! It all began Friday evening. The invitation said "six for seven" but by six the Brule Room of the Old Mill was already ringing with cries of joy and recognition:
"After all these years..."
"You haven't changed a bit..."
"Your granddaughter is in the school now?"

All in all, more than 400 people — staff past and present, a few friends and spouses, but most of all alumnae — enjoyed a gala dinner interspersed with the required speeches and an AV presentation that took us from the earliest days of the school right up to the present. The White House on Power Street, the home of the first boarding and day school for "young ladies and little girls" grew into St. Joseph's College School (so named in 1927) first on Toronto's Breadalbane Street and now on Wellesley.

Sunday brought Mass in the school gym. Fr. Dave Katulski CSB and Fr. Chris Iredale CSB presided and alumnae from over the years were involved in the liturgy which concluded with a presentation of roses by principal Maxine Bilyk to Sister Conrad Lauber, the last Sister-principal, and Sister Mary Rose Marrin, representing the Sisters of St. Joseph. And, of course, a rousing rendition of "Hail to Thee Joseph," the school hymn of years past.

Mass was followed by a reception, then by an open house. Over 600 staff and students, past and present, toured the exhibits of pictures, uniforms, trophies and all manner of memorabilia. But the biggest and best thing they did was talk! The greetings and cries of recognition went on and on.

What joy! What laughter as the memories flowed! And all of it because, as the speakers on Friday night repeated, "The love of Christ has gathered us together into one."


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