Thursday, September 24, 2020
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April 22: International Earth Day

The CSJ Cherish the Earth Group invites everyone to celebrate this day through deeper reverence and care for life on our planet. Join millions of people in the world as they engage in peaceful thoughts and prayers to nurture neighbour and nature.

Here are some actions to celebrate creation:

As on the first day of creation:

  • Let us awaken with a song of gratitude in our hears
  • Let us breathe and count each breath as a blessing
  • Let us listen to the world about us, as if on the first day of creation
  • Let us listen to the beating of our hearts - to the hopes and fears which flow through us and beyond us
  • Let us pause to think about the people we know
  • Let us wrap our minds around our planet, moving through space, sustaining us still.


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