Friday, September 18, 2020
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St. Francis Xavier 'Diploma in Ministry' Prayer Service

"May you be open to all the places your feet carry you." These were the opening words of the Prayer Service at the November Session of the St. Francis Xavier 'Diploma in Ministry' Toronto Group. This theme was especially chosen to honour the five graduating students of 2003.

The graduates received yellow roses, liturgical lights, a blessing and best wishes from the other students and their advisor, Jacqueline de Verteuil CSJ. The graduates — Julie Cachia, Barbara North, Kathy Gallant, Marcie Hickey, and Venante Francis (l to r - see picture) — will be flying to Nova Scotia with their families for convocation on Dec. 6, 2003. To mark this occasion, the first and second year students, with Sr. Jacqueline, toasted the graduates on their success.

This was followed by a festive lunch planned and organized by Sheila Jenkins, a second year student group leader. The celebration took place in Mary Lounge, St. Joseph's Morrow Park, where the group meets monthly. The graduates are looking forward to bringing their gifts of ministry to their local parishes.


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